We provide detoxification and treatment for alcohol and substance abuse, in a state-licensed facility. Medical detoxification is managed and monitored by Richard B. Seely, MD, board-certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Dr. Seely and a team of highly trained nurses assist with the supervision of the patient’s safe withdrawal from alcohol and other addictive substances.

At DCOA, we recognize that detoxification can be mentally and physically challenging therefore our purpose is to make the difficult experience of detox safe and as comfortable as possible for the patient. Depending on the substance abuse, the detoxification process can last from 4 to 14 days and during this process, the patient will participate in educational and therapeutic treatment until medically stabilized. Once the patient is stabilized, we assist with creating a recovery plan and, if appropriate, the patient may enter our residential program or one of our outpatient programs to continue their treatment.

Inpatient Residential Care

Inpatient Residential Care patients typically need to remain in a safe and stable environment after a successful detoxification thus it is often the next level of care. Our team of kind and caring professionals treat our patients with dignity and respect and offer an environment of hope and empowerment. Using a dual diagnosis approach, our medical team will assess the patient to determine if continued 24-hour care is beneficial to the patient’s on-going recovery. Inpatient residential care requires patients to live on-site in our 24 hours per day, seven days per week facility. Patients participating in other outpatient services may also be eligible if it is determined that inpatient residential care is needed to aid in their recovery.